Men of SCC Donation Scholarship Fund

The Men of SCC offers scholarships that benefit qualified Sandtown Center Community residents’ high school dependents. Our scholarships are not available to the public. Help a Sandtown Center Community student by making a donation toward the Men of SCC Scholarship Fund.

To make a donation, click below:


Thank you for generously supporting Sandtown Center Community students’ endeavor to achieve their goal!

Men of Sandtown Center Community (SCC)

The men of Sandtown Center Community were formed to support the efforts of SCC events, mentoring opportunities and bring awareness to our community. The men will volunteer their time and efforts to get behind SCC women to show their support by coming up with ways to raise money toward events and mentoring opportunities.

Men of SCC Mission Statement: “We are one community so that SCC is #1.” We want our community to be above the rest with supporting one another to achieve more.

We have a Facebook page now.  “Like” us on Facebook  at –